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Billy Carver asked 3 years ago

How to change or create the thumbnail?

Craig Staff replied 3 years ago

@Billy Carver Are you wanting to create a downloadable thumbnail you can upload to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. or just change the thumbnail image that represents your video on ClipScribe?

Billy Carver replied 3 years ago

In this situation just change the image. But would like to know also if can upload an image that can be used. But if not, just how to change the image from the video.. Thanks

1 Answers
Craig Staff asked 3 years ago

Here is a video showing you how to change the ClipScribe thumb, but it only changes what you see on ClipScribe. Videos don’t embed thumbnails, so if you are wanting this to affect a video you upload, it won’t. This is only for what you see on ClipScribe. I call it the vanity thumbnail because it is really only for you as you use the ClipScribe app. There isn’t a way to upload a thumbnail to use on ClipScribe at the moment. Unlikely we would add that feature, as again, only you will be able to see it anyway.

Now if you are trying to create a thumbnail to upload along with your video that is a different story. It isn’t possible to embed a thumbnail with your video so that it shows automatically when you upload your video to Facebook, etc. You would have to create one and download it and upload it to that platform.

So, if that is the goal let me know so I can help with that as well.