Why are the videos blurry after I post them.

HelpdeskCategory: QuestionsWhy are the videos blurry after I post them.
Dustin Ball asked 4 years ago

I create videos in iMovie using 4K 30 FPS settings. If I post them to YouTube or social media from there, or even after saving them to my photo library, they are crisp, clear, and sharp. Why are the movies in such a lower quality after a run them through clipscribe? I have tried using the highest resolution setting and the slowest upload speed on order to get the best resolution, but the videos come out barely looking like they are shot in 1080 P resolution. Is there any sort of fix for this? Is it because the program compresses them and then decompresses them to upload them? How do I go about fixing this so I can retain and post high resolution videos?

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Dustin,

I am looking at three videos you recently uploaded.

107525-trimCEDAA9B3-D1EB-48F3-8D67-293130014FF5.MOV was uploaded at 480×480 pixels.

107963-trim0206C141-D10D-4F40-9B9D-3A1626B44CC6.MOV was 1280X720

109026-trimC673F53D-3867-4E6B-A3AD-653B11AC4A98.MOV was also just 1280X720.

So that would likely be the issue. While you may be shooting in full HD, maybe somewhere along the process the videos are getting down-rezzed before you upload them to us.

By default we export the videos at the same resolution as they are uploaded in, so if your original is 480×480 you will get a 480x 480 video and it will look bad. You can use the up-res tool in the video settings, which will make the other assets look better, but your video will still look bad.

The 1280 videos should be generally ok, but as mentiioned, they aren’t full 1080p, so that is likely the main issue.

I would re-upload those and then export them and let me know how it goes. If you still have issues we can debug further.