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Ryan Ernst asked 4 years ago

Uploaded a 6 min video about 24 hours ago and still in transcribing mode.  Video does not have any spoken words (wanted to use the tool to quickly add some descriptions in text).  Any idea on how long I should expect the process to take?

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

One moment Ryan. Let me check it out.
– Craig

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Craig Staff asked 4 years ago

Hey Ryan,
Ok, so there were some technical issues with your video that was preventing it from moving through the system. I resolved those for you.
A couple of tips for you.  Your video is pretty massive at 6GB for a 6 min video.  You would be well served by pre-compressing it at least to an H.264 MP4.  If you are on Mac you can do this easily with iMovie.  If you are using your phone, you can do it easily with mobile iMovie.  If you are on PC let me know and I can help.  This will make uploads faster and your encodes faster as well.  A video that is uncompressed like this could take 45 minutes to be created with ClipScribe where one that has been gently pre-compressed would take a few minutes.
Any questions on this, let me know.
If you need tips on editing the video as well let me know.  ClipScribe is really made for videos with words, and the platform is built around that.  Doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for videos without words, but I think it isn’t quite as intuitive.  So, if I can help let me know.