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Jesse Medellin asked 4 years ago

Goes through the whole upload process… everything is the same. But once it refreshes the page there are no new videos uploaded. 

some of the videos show up and some don't. Appears to be random.  

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Does it change if you refresh? Sometimes it may take a little longer for the thumbnail to be created, so it doesn’t show up immediately, but if you refresh it should show up.

If it isn’t showing then, sounds like you are having some uploading issues.

How large are your videos generally (in MB or GB).

– Craig

Jesse Medellin replied 4 years ago

3-11 mbs

Jesse Medellin replied 4 years ago

It’s doesn’t change when I refresh. Some videos show up immediately, other don’t even show up at all. I have used this program for some time and hasn’t given me issues until recently.

Craig Staff replied 4 years ago

Ok something else must be going on here. I just ran a test and all was well, so I need to see a file you tried to upload to know for sure.

2 More questions:
1. What OS and browser are you uploading from?
2. Are you on WIFI or Wired internet (or cell?)

Can you upload a video that did not work to this dropbox link: