Managing Your ClipScribe Account

How to Manage your ClipScribe Membership

You can mange your ClipScribe membership by logging in to your account and visiting the ACCOUNT link at the top of any page when you are logged in.

You can login to your account here:

Here you can:

Update your payment method.

To update your payment method, click on the Payment Methods link to modify your current payment method.

Manage your membership (subscription.)

To manage or view your current membership status, click on the Subscriptions link.  Here  you can view the start date and end date of your membership  as well as cancel your membership or turn off auto-renew.

View any order info related to your membership.

If you need to view any payment information related to your purchased membership, i.e. invoice information, you can click on the Orders link.  This will show you the invoice information for any payments or renewals.

Cancel your membership or turn off auto-renew.

You can cancel your membership or turn off auto-renew at any time.  To do this click on the Subscriptions link.

Then click VIEW to view your subscription and depending on how you purchased you may see a button to turn off auto-renew OR a button to cancel.
NOTE:  If you still have time left in your subscription i.e. you click one of these buttons early, it may say "Pending Cancellation."  This simply means that your account will NOT auto-renew and will fully cancel on your renewal date unless you manually renew.

Free Trial Period

If you cancel during your trial period you will NOT be charged.


As our terms state we do not offer refunds  (you would have agreed to these terms via a checkbox on checkout) but have made it very easy to turn off auto-renew or cancel, so please take advantage of these options as needed or preferred.  Check above for instructions on managing your account.

If you are unsure of whether or not you want to utilize the product, we recommend signing up for a monthly plan which will give you the flexibility to pay month to month, although the annual plans do provide a significant discount.

What Does Pending Cancellation Mean?

If you have turned off auto-renew or clicked the cancel button, you may see a message that your account is "pending cancellation."  This just means you have more time in your membership, but it WILL NOT auto-renew, so don't worry.

You won't be charged and will have to manually renew your membership.

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