Philosophy of The New Editing Style for Previous Clipscribe Users

This short video tutorial is for you, if you are a previous ClipScribe user who is trying out the new editor for the first time or it’s new to you.

The Philosophy
Every word has its own timing in this new editor.

As you can see as I click on a word, you can see the timing of each word and you don’t want to lose that timing.

This is why with the new editor, you can’t just go in and start typing in a block because if you did that, you would delete all the words and all their timings.

And then, if you tried to retype words into this block, you none of those words would have the timings that they need.

“Work with What You Have”
So the key philosophy here is “work with what you have.”

You want to change words instead of delete words, you want to merge words instead of delete them and rewrite them.

You want to shift words from block to block, which you can do with the tab and backspace key rather than cutting or copying and pasting words from block to block.

So, this is the primary difference, and if you understand why that difference is there, then you’re going to see, you will have a lot of freedom.

A lot of ability to do a lot of really neat things with each of these word timings.

But you might decrease some frustration because you know, and understand why these changes are there.

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