Editing Your Subtitles



To edit a word, first click the word to select it.

Click once to Select
Click the word to select it. A pop-up menu will appear above it.

Then click it again to enter edit mode.

Click the word again or press the ENTER key to enter edit mode. You can click out of the word or press ENTER again to exit edit mode.

To exit edit mode, you can click out (anywhere else on the screen).


When a word is selected you can press the ENTER button to enter edit mode and ENTER again to exit.


When a word is selected, you can use the arrow keys to navigate to other words quickly.


Because our Substyle editor is a word by word editor, it is important to preserve the timestamps of each work for maximum accuracy.

If you have a situation where two words are supposed to be one word you can shift click each word to select them both or drag select to select them both.

Then merge them using one of the merge options.

Select Multiple Words
To select multiple words to merge them, shift-click them or drag select them.

Then you have two merge options:

1.  Merge into a single word and remove spaces.

Merge Removing Spaces
This icon will merge the words into a single word without spaces.  The resulting word in this case will be clipscribe and it will have the timing of the previous two words.

2.  Merge into a phrase:

Merge Into Phrase
The chain link icon merges the two words into a single phrase. You can use this if you want to style the two words the same or want them to show at the same time, but not as a single word.

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