Add Substyles to Individual or All Words


Substyles are subtitle designs you can add to individual words or all the words in your video.

Substyles give you word by word control over how your subtitles look and feel.

You can manage your Substyles using the Substyle manager.  Access the Substyle manager using this icon:

Access Substyle Manager

You can also access the Substyle manager from the Substyle picker:

Substyle Manager Picker Button
Click the ADD NEW option in the Substyle picker to open the Substyle Manager


Each video and template has a number of substyle slots you can utilize.

You will see these both at the top of the Substyle manager and in the Substyle picker.

Drag Substyles into slots to use them.
You will find the Substyle slots at the top of the Substyle manager. To use a style, just drag them into a slot.


If you want to add a Substyle to all words in your video, you can do that in the subtitle design editor.

Add Global Substyle
Choose a Substyle from the Subtitle design editor to apply it globally to all words in your video.


You can add Substyles to words, by selecting the word(s) and clicking the STYLE pop-up button.

Click the STYLE button in the word pop-up
Click on a word or words and click the STYLE button in the pop-up to choose a Substyle

Then, click the Substyle you want to add.

Click the style you want to add.
Choose a style to add it to the selected word(s)

Note, you are adding identifying the word you are clicking on with a SLOT, not a style which makes it easy to go back and change styles later on.

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