3 Social Media Video Content Strategies


00:38 – Publish multiple pieces of unique content onto multiple platforms.

1:39 – Publish the same content on multiple platforms

3:35 – Repurpose that single piece of content into multiple pieces of content


Hey, everybody, it’s Craig with Clipscribe and in this video, I’m going to show you 3 video content strategies that you can use to create video content to build your strategy around and one of these is not like the others. One of them is amazing if you have the time and one of them is I think ideal. So I’ll be going over that as well.

So we are talking about three video content strategies to build your audience and grow that magical know, like, and trust factor.

Publish multiple pieces of unique content onto multiple platforms

So let’s jump into number one here, publish multiple pieces of unique content onto multiple platforms. So what do I mean by this, I mean you look at a platform TikTok, Facebook, IGTV, Instagram, LinkedIn and you create a unique piece of content specifically tailored for that platform.

So what does that mean? It means a lot of time and a lot of talent and for most of us who are trying to grow businesses, that is a lot, you know, is it ideal? Yes, it’s definitely ideal if you have the time and the ability to just make content a lot more than most people do than creating very unique pieces of content and uploading those on every single platform.

It would be a great strategy but I don’t think it’s ideal for most people so if you can do that do it. If not you might need one of these other strategies.

Publish the same content on multiple platforms

So what is two here two, is to publish the same content so what do I mean by that? I mean, let you shoot a horizontal video and you upload that everywhere.

Okay. Now, what are the problems with that? Well, you have two main problems. One or let’s say three? You have intent. Okay, so not every platform is the same. The audiences aren’t the same. The reason people are on there are not the same. If you’re on Linkedin, you’re usually very business-focused.

If you’re on Facebook, you’re usually social with people you want to be social with. If you’re on TikTok you might be there to be entertained to have these different intents. Then you have length issues on youtube, a 10 minute plus videos. Great! You can’t even upload that to Instagram. Can’t upload that to TikTok.

So you have length issues and then you have size issues, okay? You shoot horizontal that can go on youtube and it can go most places but it won’t fit great and you miss out on a lot of real state, a vertical video on TikTok you’re going to have black spaces above and below it on IGTV you’re going to have that issue.

I’m not even sure if you can upload a horizontal video to Instagram. And I know some platforms are ideal like Instagram made for square video. So I’m probably wrong about the Instagram thing but the point is their different platforms that favor different sizes and so shooting that one video and trying to fit the length, the intent, and the size is not ideal. So I don’t recommend this strategy.

Repurpose that single piece of content into multiple pieces of content

I want to recommend kind of a best of both world’s strategy and that is to take one piece of video that you shoot and repurpose that single piece of content into multiple pieces of content that are each tailor-made for the platform you were targeting. So this is one of the primary things that Clipscribe does.

You know a lot of people know Clipscribe as an attention amplifying tool. Put headlines, put automatic subtitles, put your branding on there. But one of the biggest benefits of Clipscribe is the ability to clone your content out to other layouts. So you can take a horizontal video and you can turn it into a square video with bars on the top and bottom where you put headlines, you can put subtitles and then clone that to a vertical video where the same thing, you can have that real state, you’ve got all the extra real state, put some headlines there, put your subtitles there, put your branding here put something there that will catch attention in the feed where people are either scrolling by very fast or they have their sound off and they’re not going to hear what you say.

Anyway, so don’t waste that real state. And then you can also use Clipscribe to easily edit out a lot of your content to create shorter versions. And so there are lots of strategies you can do there. For example, you can upload your full video to youtube or put it on your blog along with the transcript you can get from Clipscribe or your video transcripts in paragraph form, and then you can create these little mini videos. I call them little short clips of your main video. Put those on social media in a square format and vertical format and then link them into your primary content. You’re kind of creating this funnel video funnel basically to have these, you know, this content compounding effect where instead of just one video, one place, one size, you’re getting it all to kind of work together and your creativity for that platform.

You’re making short videos for a platform that favors short videos long for long. And then the sizes as well. So this is the strategy that I recommend for those that don’t have time to do strategy number one and which I think is most of us, I think this is an ideal strategy and again, you can do this with Clipscribe, which makes it very easy, but you can do in other ways too, I’m sure.

But I’ll definitely check out Clipscribe and let me know what questions you have. Do you have other strategies? Are there other things that you do? Are you just struggling to get video content out anyway? Like so many of us is what do you think? And let me know in the comments below, please, like this video, share it if it was helpful to you, and check out the Clipscribe. Com.

And I will look forward to seeing you in another video.

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