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We just launched as of June 26th, and as a new software platform, bugs are bound to happen. If you have any issues at all PLEASE post here or email Craig at so we can resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Thanks for helping us make ClipScribe great!

Save a Template
ClosedGregory Furer asked 8 months ago • 
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Caption Size
ClosedLori Bruton asked 8 months ago • 
132 views0 answers1 votes
Deleting Modules
ClosedCraig answered 8 months ago • 
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Changing bar height?
ClosedJay Clouse asked 7 months ago • 
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Can I add a border to the vide?
ClosedPaul Clifford asked 7 months ago • 
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Using Subtitle Editor (CC)
ClosedCarla Carstens asked 8 months ago • 
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stuck on select size
ClosedJosh Irons asked 8 months ago • 
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downloading videos
ClosedJessica Green asked 8 months ago • 
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Using Vietnamese Sub Titles
ClosedJames Holt asked 8 months ago • 
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Adding subtitles manually
ClosedJose Ruiz Lozada asked 7 months ago • 
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