Why Should you Keep Your Social Media Video Branding Basic?


0:19 – Meaning of KISS

0:48 – Meaning of KBBB

2:29 – Sample of Branding your video


Hey, everyone it’s Craig with Clipscribe and I want to talk to you today about your video branding. So, you’ve heard this term before I’m sure “KISS” as it refers to making things complex this thing I’ve never really fully understood. I’m sure you know what it means? It means keep it simple, stupid. And I don’t know if that means like you’re calling somebody stupid or if it means, it should be so simple that it is kind of stupid? I’ve always been baffled by this.


But you might not know, the other term that is a little bit lesser-known, which is K.B.B.B means keep your video branding basic, bozo, keep your branding basic bozo a lesser-known term. A lot of people aren’t familiar with it thankfully, but that’s what I want to talk to you about today, is keeping your branding basic when you’re creating video content. I remember when I started doing web design many moons ago in the days of geo cities and I didn’t know anything about design or branding at that point. I remember creating my first website and it was just a flurry of just heinousness back then you would just load up a site with a million animated GIF or GIFs because you wanted to, because they were available because you could remember there was a lot of hot pink. I remember a bunch of crazy bonds and it was just insanity and I did it because I could and because I thought it would be cooler if it had more stuff on it.

As I started to get more into the design, I remember the first time I went to the bookstore and I just grabbed a book on design. and as I started looking through it, I started to realize that all this really great design that I liked but didn’t realize why I liked it was because it was simple. and I started looking at websites of big brands, like Delta Airlines or Coca-Cola and I just started trying to figure out what is it about these websites that in my mind tells me that they are more important. Then my piddly, little self-made website and it came down to the simplicity, it came down to how clean these sites were. They weren’t filled with chaos. they were very, very simple.

So when it comes to branding your video content and really this applies to really brand anything you want to keep it simple. To give you an example, obviously, you’re looking at a video of my video right now and it’s got branding on it. I use Clipscribe to create this video, and so when you’re in Clipscribe, you have a few different options actually. You have a lot of options, but you don’t really want to go overboard on these options.

Now, as you can see, I’ve got this basic background, I just have a blue background behind this headline up here. I have a relatively basic countdown bar, but it adds a little flair to it. that’s not overdone. I have a basic colour and all these colors that I’m using here. They go along with my brand. Okay, they either match my brand colors or they’re very close to matching my brand colors. the fonts amusing, very clean, simple basic funds. okay. and I’m definitely not using papyrus or comic signs or that’s those funds are made fun of by designers because they looked cool to people that didn’t really understand design and then they got overused. so designers use clean, they want clean fonts, they want something that you look at it and you can’t tell that it was picked out by a designer and you can often tell when somebody is not a designer by the fonts that they use because they’re crazy and they look a little bit too unique. so, clean fonts, and of course, I have a logo on here and that’s it. What are some rules for keeping your branding basic, either your video branding or really any kind of branding?

Make your Branding Recognizable

So, first of all, it needs to be recognizable that go back goes back to the colours, it goes back to the logo. It could go back to your set where you shoot your video, you just want it to be recognizable and that could be that every single video looks the same. You use the same background, you wear the same clothes every single time, there’s one way to make it recognizable. Put your logo on there in the same place every time. Another way to make it look recognizable. Use the same fonts every time, makes it recognizable. and secondly, going along with that is be consistent. The same thing goes along with what I was just saying about colors and everything, you make it recognizable, but if you do that consistently, okay, then when people see your video pop up, they’re going to know it’s you immediately and the likelihood they’re going to, they’re going to connect with you over time is going to increase. That’s why if you watch television shows, they have the same intro every time. They’re changing it up every single time.

If you watch sports, you see that the graphics, all match each other, they all fit in together. it’s all part of brandy your branding should draw people into your content. Okay, that is the ultimate goal and what I mean by that is not just to watch your content. I mean, the goal of your branding is not to draw them into your brandy. Okay, it’s not to get them to look, at this bar up here and focus on that bar, that’s not the point of your video. The point is that they watch you, everything should be pointing in towards your content because that’s the most important thing. The point of the headline is to grab attention and then draw them into the actual content.

Alright, so that’s what you want to do but the flip side of that is you don’t want your branding to turn people away from you, that does the exact opposite and so, if it’s chaotic, if it’s overdone, if it’s hard to look at because it’s too busy, right busy is the word. if it’s too busy, if it’s too cluttered, a lot of people just look at it and immediately assume it’s unprofessional. Now, you can ride the line of that a little bit, some people will look at it and they feel like they connect with it better because it’s not too polished. So you can’t ride the line on that a little bit, but if your goal is to look professional like you know what you’re doing, you’re on top of your game, then just keep it clean, keep it basic and allow the framing or the branding of whatever it is you’re doing two-point into what you’re trying to say and what you’re trying to do instead of distracting from it.

So remember that K.B.B.B keep your branding basic. I won’t call you bozo this time because I don’t think you are one but thanks a lot for watching everybody this Craig and I hope to see you on another video.

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