Using Virtual Assistants To Edit Your Clipscribe Content


00:06 – Who would want a Virtual Assistant

00:54 – How did my Virtual Assistant help me?

3:00 – What to look for in a Virtual Assistant?


Who Would Want A Virtual Assistant?

I want to talk to you about using virtual assistance or a “VA” to help you create your Clipscribe video content so this could be useful if you have a smaller team, if you’re a solopreneur, you have a smaller business or if you just need help making your video content happen. Maybe it’s easy for you to create the videos, but you would like somebody else to help you edit. A virtual assistant can do a lot of different things for you when it comes to your video content. However, Clipscribe is a platform that works well for this. So, I was just going to show you what I do when I have my virtual assistant help me out.

What Is The Process For My Assistant?

To begin, I will shoot a video and then I will upload my video to Clipscribe. After that, I let my assistant know that there is a new video uploaded to Clipscribe. Now, the reason Clipscribe is great for virtual assistants is that you’re talking to your audience, which isn’t a Michael Bay movie!  We are not doing Transformers, and we don’t need a whole bunch of video clips edited together with music and everything else. All you need is somebody to edit out any mistakes you have or edit out any sections you do not want in the video. Many times in my video, I will speak to my VA while filming. I’ll say, “Hey, this part I just messed up on, take that out.” So, it’s a great way that you can communicate because, in Clipscribe, it’s so easy to edit out mistakes of that nature.

I will upload my video to Clipscribe and let my virtual assistant know I created the video. I will give her a brief summary of what it is about. And then my assistant logs into my Clipscribe account and brings up the video. She will then load up one of the templates. She may add a headline or sometimes I will go in and I’ll add the headline myself. This makes it very easy for her to just goes through all the subtitles, edit them, and format them the way I want them. I normally like the subtitles to be double-lined. She will go through and make sure there are no spelling mistakes and no other types of formatting errors on the subtitles. She’ll edit out mistakes, edit out empty spaces, or spots where I messed something up. The great thing about this is that it’s more about language than it is about video editing because you’re just editing out mistakes or blank spots.

What To Look For In A Virtual Assistant?

You will want to look for a virtual assistant, whether they are in your area, in your country or maybe they’re somewhere else. They could be in the Philippines or South America among other places. So, what you are looking for is somebody who works well with text because that is the type of editor that works best with Clipscribe. They might be splitting up subtitle blocks into multiple sections. So, it’s more about that and my VA was up and running within a day or two. I just showed her the app, I said here’s what you do and that was it! She started doing videos and after one or two videos, they were great every time. So it’s not a complicated platform. It’s really easy to teach somebody how to do it because it is just so very simple.

She will then clone the video over to those other formats, such as a horizontal format. We then put that video on YouTube and also on the website. She then will go in and just make sure everything is fine with those exports and finally them to Dropbox. I may do some finishing touches to the thumbnails and things of that nature which you can do in Clipscribe, but then the videos are ready to go!

So this is something that somebody can learn quickly. Does it help if they have some kind of video background or understanding? Yes, of course. Do they need to be an expert video editor? No, they do not. This is why I believe Clipscribe is a great platform to use with a virtual assistant because when you are trying to get up and running creating content, you’re busy! This is somebody that could be very part-time or it could be somebody if you wanted to outsource.


So let me know what questions you have about this. Do you have virtual assistance? How did you find them? What do they do for you? Do they do video stuff for you? Do they help you with your Clipscribe videos? Let me know your thoughts on that. And if you have questions about hiring somebody to do this kind of thing, let me know. If you need help, Clipscribe can help you get more attention to your video content in the feed and can also help you expand your reach by taking one video and turning it into multiple different types of videos.

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