4 Ways to Maximize Your Video Content Shoots


Major Mistake in Content Preparation

Strike a Pose or Stills for Thumbnails

Segment Topics on Your Long Form Video

Why Use Break Points with Clipscibe?

Why Are There Blank Space in Clipscribe Editor?

Use Your Video to Communicate with Editor

Add Strategic Breaks into Your Video for Easy Editing

How To Maximize Your Video Content Shoots

I’m going to be talking about four ways you can maximize your video content shoots and more specifically, the planning that goes into them so that you can get the most out of them when you go to actually edit your video. You can achieve maximum impact by doing this because you have more you can do with your video as it comes to content compounding, repurposing your content.

What happens a lot of times is people will shoot their video, but they’re not thinking ahead. And so then if they want to go out and they want to take out little like many sections or make many videos out of that one longer piece of video, it’s not easy to do that.

So I am going to be talking about four different things that you can do ahead of time. If you just put in a little bit of pre-planning and a little bit of pre-thinking then you will make it much easier to take one video and turn it into several different types of content.

Creating Thumbnails

Number one, strike a pose for thumbs or stills at the start of your video. Now, if you’re using Clipscribe you were able to get frame grabs from your video and then use those to turn those into thumbnails or graphics. Either within Clipscribe or anywhere else.

And actually what you don’t know is that before I started actually talking on this video, I did a few little poses at the beginning for my virtual assistant to go in and get some frame grabs and use those in the thumbnail for this video.

And what happens otherwise is a lot of times people will make their video and then go and try to find a frame that works and that is usually very difficult because typically unless we stop and smile or pose, it’s really hard to find a good one and usually we’re making goofy faces and it doesn’t work that well.

So take a few seconds at the beginning again, especially if you’re using Clipscribe whether it’s for you or for your editor so that they can easily get a frame grab. You can use for your thumbnails.

Segmenting Your Content

Number two  you can do to make it easier for you to take one piece of video content and turn it into multiple pieces of video content is segment your topics into part that can stand on their own.

Okay, so what do I mean about that? Well, I just gave you an example of that when I gave the introduction to this segment right here and the way I did it was a way that now I can grab that piece of video out and easily use this as a stand alone piece of content.

But if I would have said that all of a sudden that phrase, that section is tied to number one, it can be a number two without a number one. And so if I cut this section out of my video, it’s not really going to work or else I’m going to have to work harder to make it work.

So instead of saying number two, I said something that generic that could easily intro anything, which is something else that you can do. And maybe there’s even a better way to phrase than that to make it little sections but normally it’s going to be a part of a bigger video can stand on its own.

You can cut it out and you can make a little mini video of it that you can use to just maximize the reach of the whole video you’re doing or to promote the longer video that you’re doing. So, make sure to segment your topics into parts that can stand on their own and just do some preplanning and that will definitely help you out there.

Strategic Breaks Into Your Video

So one thing that will really help your editor, whether it’s you or whether it’s a virtual assistant or somebody else to help them go in and easily find parts of your video to pull out and turn into many videos or use them for content repurposing is to add strategic breaks into your video, something else that you can do to help your editor help you and to make it easier for them to be able to pull out video content from a longer video is to add strategic breakpoints into your video while you’re shooting it.

Now, what’s a strategic break point? For me, it’s just a blank space. It’s just where I stopped and I pause a lot of times, I’m even kind of thinking about what I’m going to say. Now, the benefit of using Clipscribe with this type of editing scenario is that with Clipscribe for one you’re editing based on what you’re reading and seeing instead of what you’re hearing.

So, this makes it really easy for your editor to look at the words here and then and this is a great example because the front of this video, I have five seconds of nothing. I’m not saying anything. It’s blank space. Somebody asked me recently, “Hey Craig, why are there these blank spots in the editor?”

And this is one of the reasons for that. You can edit out a block here and completely remove it with this little eyeball. So this intro section of the video, you know where I’m probably just bumbling around, I’m looking off screen, I can get rid of that. And so the same thing applies with these breakpoints.

You can have, you know, an extended 22nd break point here that clues in your editor. “Hey, here comes the next section of this video,” and you have a clean break. It makes it very easy for them to pull that section out versus if you just keep talking really fast. If not, they have to find that breakpoint, which isn’t always easy when you’re an editor.

Communicate With Your Editor

Something else that you can do to help your video editor to easily edit your video and pull out parts of your longer video is to communicate with your editor in video.

I do this all the time. In fact I just ,made a mistake while I was shooting this video and I told my editor in video, I said, “Hey, that whole section, I just did edit that out!” Whether you are going to edit it or you’re going to have somebody else edit it, don’t be afraid to communicate with them because Clipscribe and especially if you’re using Clipscribe, it’s an editor where you read what is being said rather than you listen to it.


So also very helpful and I use this technique all the time. So hopefully these tips will help you, as you try to improve your planning when it comes to shooting your video content. I know it’s easy to just grab a camera and talk into it. However, with a little extra planning, you can get a lot more out of a single video than just a single video.

This is Craig Lillard checkout clipscribe.com if you want a video tool that will help you amplify the attention your videos get and maximize the reach they get in a number of different ways. You check that out at clipscribe.com. Thanks for watching everybody.

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