Camera VS Camera: Webcam vs DSLR vs iPhone


2:42 – Switching camera to my Smartphone

4:11 – Using my webcam


Hey everybody it’s Craig with clipscribe in this video we’re going to be looking at a comparison of cameras. we’re going to compare a DSLR camera, a Cannon 90d pro Sumer level camera with a smartphone and with a apple Macbook webcam.

So, just to give you an idea of what each of these cameras can make your video footage look like and each of these are wired straight into my computer. They’re all working basically the same way. I have them all plugged into some software that I use called O.B.S. and that’s really the only difference. The lighting is going to be the same, the location is going to be the same. Really it’s just going to be the camera that’s going to be the difference. You can compare them and make a decision, what is best for you as far as what type of camera for you to use.

Complexity Comes along with Upgrading Camera

Now, obviously complexity comes along with upgrading your camera gear to another level. The most simple thing that you could do is possibly a webcam or a smartphone. I always lean towards smartphone between those two, but let’s just take a look and see what each of these are going to look like.

Cannon 90D

The first camera is obviously the camera that i’m shooting with now. It’s a cannon, it’s a 90D. It is a digital camera, I would say. it’s a prosumer grade prosumer somewhere between professional and consumer. it’s not a crazy expensive camera. I think it was maybe around $1,100. something along those lines. It has detachable lenses so you have to deal with that. The lens I’m using right now is a it’s a Canon 24 millimeter wide angle lens and it’s not super wide, but it’s relatively wide and i’ve got it hooked up here in my studio or it’s really just a room. I call the studio and it is my studio, but it’s nothing fancy and actually haven’t hooked up to my wall on a light stand that’s hanging off my wall that i’ll show you at some point. So, this is what that level of camera is going to get you. That’s what this picture is going to look like.


Let me put things on pause here and then i’m going to switch over to my smartphone. Alright, so next what do we have here? we have a iphone pro max 11, 11 pro max. I’m using the front facing camera here. It’s a pretty wide angle shot you’re going to get a much wider shot if you use the front facing camera. Still a great camera. I used my iphone for quite a while before I switched over to this 90d, always get it wrong 90d, and it’s a great picture. I always recommend going with your smartphone over your webcam. Even good webcams are not good in my opinion, and you’re just going to get a better quality image out of your smartphone. So this is what it looks like if I did something differently here, I would probably use my rear facing camera which is what I used to do when I would use my smartphone. That makes things rather tricky because you can’t see yourself in the camera, and so I had to rig up some pretty crazy contraptions so that I could actually see what I was looking at. I even had like a mirror hung behind the camera so I could see myself and just make sure I was lined up right? But this is what the iphone looks like.


Finally, let’s move over to the lovely webcam. Alright here we go everybody it’s webcam time, this is just horrendous really. It’s bad on so many levels now, I have an older mac pro here, a macbook pro, I think it’s like a 2014 model so it’s not the latest and the greatest but most macs have been notoriously, they notoriously have had bad webcams and this one does not disappoint I mean with all this light in here, look how incredibly dark this image is and one of the other things that really is no bueno when it comes to webcams is just the angle of it. Okay, the other two shots, I had just a little bit higher shooting downward and this you’re always going to be shooting upward when you’re using webcam, you don’t have to, sometimes I would stick it onto books so that I could angle down if I had to use my webcam, look at the light automatically adjusting, that’s another thing, that’s why I usually recommend people use camera apps instead of just the default camera, even on their smartphone because if you do something like this, the light automatically adjust and it looks weird. And so if you use certain types of camera apps on your phone you can set it so that it doesn’t automatically change and you don’t get that, thing that i’m getting here where it’s getting dark and it’s getting bright again.

This just looks pretty horrendous in my opinion. and that’s why I don’t recommend it if you have another option. so there you go, we got a cannon 90D versus an iPhone Pro max 11 versus a macbook pro webcam. Obviously the cannon is the winner. The iphone is going to be next. This horrific webcam is going to be way, way last. But now you know what the difference is and how significant the difference is not so much going from the Cannon to the iphone, but going from the iphone to the webcam, it seems like light years difference in quality. But like I said, it’s an older laptop . So maybe you’re newer ones can look much better, probably not, alright.

Thanks a lot for watching everybody. Let me know what you’ve got going on in the comments. Let me know what questions do you have? Anything I can address and thanks for watching this video. Like, follow, subscribe if you want to make videos like this one, go check out, add your headlines, add your subtitles, your logos and an animated countdown and much more. So go check that out, and other than that, i’ll see you on another video.

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