Does my Social Media Video need a Countdown?


Hey, everybody, it’s Craig with Clipscribe. In this video, I want to talk to you about countdowns. Why would you put a countdown on your video content? Is it necessary? Can you leave it out? Is it required? What is it?

A few years ago, people started putting countdown bars, countdown timers, and such on their videos. Not the traditional countdown that you see when you press play and you see it on youtube or whatever. But a decorative countdown, something that was more to grab attention than built into the player. it’s something that’s always on the screen. you can’t click it off or mouse away from it. It is an aesthetic. It’s part of the video.

Grab Attention

Why put a countdown on your video content? Why does it matter? A few reasons, one, it is just another way to grab attention. It is something decorative. It catches somebody’s eye, and it brings them into your video. You’re scrolling through the feed, flying by anything that you can do to grab a little more attention from that person scrolling through is beneficial.

Give people an idea

Number two the thing that a countdown can do for you is it can give people an idea of how long they’re on the hook for your video. So, they look at it, they know immediately. Okay, I’ve got about this much time left and it makes them willing to hang on a bit longer with your video. If they know this video is not going to take three hours or whatever to watch, helps them know how long your video is.

Help with your branding

The third thing that it can do is it can help you with your branding. If you create your countdown to match your branding and I highly recommend that you consistently create videos that have consistent branding. When people see your video, they know it’s you based on the colors based on the countdown, the design or whatever.

I want to create my video content on Clipscribe. I traditionally have used this format here with this striped countdown Clipscribe makes it super easy to create different types of countdowns and add them to your video. All you gotta do is click this little countdown icon and it pops up and you have a number of these bar-type countdowns that you can choose from. You have these block-type count countdowns, which are basically boxes with numbers in them. There’s a countdown. You have these border countdowns that go all around the edge of your video, and the countdown that way.

Now, the great thing with Clipscribe you can create your own countdown, you can make it look exactly how you want it to look. You can use images. You can use stock images for the texture in it, that you can have a very unique custom-looking texture that matches your design and your branding and everything. If you get really creative and you make this match your branding, then you’re just like I said. You’re just amping up your branding and of course, you can do this the same. You can do the block countdown, and you can change the font and the colors and the size, and the same thing with this full-size countdown, you can change the colors, and you can adjust the thickness of it and everything.

Lots of options there and what I recommend the people is to make it your own but stick with your branding, make it consistent, make it match your branding and that’s the purpose of gotta do you have to have a countdown absolutely not. No requirement there. Do I think it helps amp up that attention value to catch people’s attention as they scroll through the feed? I think, definitely yes I think it serves a number of other benefits as well.

Let me know what you think about that. Let me know what your questions are, in the comments and I’d love to answer them for you and other than that, I’ll see you on another video.

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