Content Compounding Course


Hey everybody, it’s Craig here. Just want to give you a little brief intro to this content compounding course. Let me bring it up on the screen here and of course, this video is not here yet because I haven’t done it. So you will, you’re already on this page if you’re watching this video.

So a couple of things about this course here, so that the whole point of this content compounding course is to show you what I do when I use Clipscribe to create content. And here’s the kick. I try to go through it quickly, but give you the step by step, walkthrough of what I do.

So I’m not going into crazy detail. I want to give you more, you know, a higher-level view of what I’m doing. So that I’m not getting super into the weeds. Okay, so what does that mean? It means I would love your feedback. Okay, if there’s something, if you have a question there should there are comments, there’s a comment area down below, so leave your questions in the comment area.

If there’s something that you would like added, you know, to this course, and of course, I could just answer your question. So I think it is really good to have questions back and forth down at the bottom of the comment section because your question, I might answer it and that might help somebody else who has the same question.

One of the other bonuses is of course the content compounding planning sheet. And you also access that from this page and you can click that right here and let me see it here. That’s going to open up into another window. It’s a google doc. So you’re going to want to copy that into your own google docs, you won’t be able to make any edits or anything on this page.

So just be aware, you need to save it or copy it into your own google docs there. And of course each of your lessons, you can just click on them, view this lesson now, that part is pretty simple, but I just wanted to give you just an intro very, very brief intro into what the purpose of this course is and that this is, you know, addition number one here.

So as give me the feedback that will help me improve this. And of course, the link to the tutorials page is up top here. So, if you need more detailed information on how to do something that I mentioned here, it should be covered in our video tutorials. If it’s not again, let me know, I’ll make a video tutorial for that and that’ll be a good way to get that updated.

We are adding features very often. So sometimes our tutorials need to be, you know, updated and they may not be as you know, quickly updated as they need to be. So feel free to just let me know that other than that, I hope this is helpful for you.

The goal is to help you take one video and turn it into many pieces of content that could be two or three or it could be 12 or 20. That is the goal of Clipscribe to make it simple for you to amplify attention and maximize reach. And yeah, I hope it’s helpful for you if you have questions, let me know.

Thanks, everybody. This is Craig and I’ll see you on another video.

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