Three Reasons Why your Video Needs Subtitles



1:01 – First Reason, people need to read your content.

1:22 – Second Reason, Most People are not watching Social Media content with the sound on.

2:47 – Third Reason, competitive advantage for you.



Hey, everybody, it’s Craig with Clipscribe. What are three reasons that your video content should have subtitles on them subtitles close captioning? I call them subtitles for Clipscribe purposes because for me close captioning, is what you put into movies or videos that you can flip on and off but subtitles and in the Clipscribe world are used as an attention-getting tool. They don’t clip that you can’t flip them on and off in your video. They sit there and they’re used primarily to grab people’s attention but either way, giving people the ability to read what you say on your video. What are three reasons?

This is really, really, really important in the world of social media today, when you’re trying to get your content out there, what is the most obvious is there are people that need to read your content, they could be hearing impaired or, for a number of reasons. It’s just a necessity that people are able to read your content versus listen to it. So, that’s the most obvious in the most traditional, reason that people put subtitles on their videos.

Number two is that because most people are not watching social media content with the sound on, so this always blows everybody’s mind. Over 80 of social media videos are watched without sound. Over 80 of social media videos are watched without sound. So if you’re trying to get noticed in the feed and you’re putting content out there, and somebody pulls that content down and all it is a video. It’s just you, it’s just your face, no text, nothing they can read. It’s just going to go straight by them. most people are just going to flick on by it and so you need to be able to grab their attention and that is what Clipscribe is all about.

There’s a whole point, it is an attention-commanding tool more than anything else. So putting subtitles on there is just another way to grab attention. Obviously, you can put a headline on there, you can put your branding on. There’s a lot that you can do, but adding the subtitles, so the minute that video comes up and if it starts playing, they can immediately start connecting with it. Whether they have the sound on or the sound off, that is the benefit of them in the social media feed.

Number three is, it is a competitive advantage for you to have subtitles on your videos. Again, apart from just the fact that so many people are going to watch them, without the sound on, by putting subtitles on your video, by putting a headline on your video, by putting your branding on your video, you are significantly pushing yourself up over your competitors who are not doing these things. So it’s just a great competitive advantage. it is a branding advantage.

If you consistently brand your video content in the same way, people are going to recognize that they’re going to know it’s you, they’re going to know your content, they’re going to become more aware and comfortable with you, and hopefully get to that point where they know you like you and trust you more and more.

So it’s an advantage as you’re trying to reach people and make an impact that is gonna set you above and over those that you are, you know, might be trying to drown you out there in the marketplace. so three reasons to use subtitles on your social media videos.

Hopefully, that helps you out, let me know if you have questions or comments and I look forward to seeing you on another video.

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