2022 Bonuses for ClipScribe Members

Hey everyone, Craig here. I wanted to let you know about 3 helpful bonuses you can access as a ClipScribe member.  As a CS member, these are FREE for you to take advantage of.  

100 STORIES Lifetime Membership.

In this quick video I give you a breakdown on 100 Stories. Access 100 Stories via the link below.

As a ClipScribe member, you will get a lifetime membership to 100 Stories.

100 Stories is a platform that schedules for you over 100 video content story ideas.   Because they ideas are story-based they will work with any industry.  Stories are one of the most powerful forms of video content because we all have stories to tell and we are all inspired by the stories of others.

When you sign up for your 100 Stories account, the platform will schedule for you these story ideas based on your scheduling preferences and then remind you of your upcoming stories per your email/reminder preferences.

With your 100 Stories membership you get:

  1. Over 100 Video Content Story Ideas scheduled for you based on your scheduling preferences.
  2. Calendar reminder emails to keep you accountable so you can consistently create audience endearing content.
  3. Add and schedule your own video content ideas.
  4. Add "Boosts" to your content ideas which help you add a little extra interest to your stories.
  5. Provide and receive feedback from other members on ways to improve your video content/stories.

Access/Create Your 100 Stories Account Here

Craig's Content Compounding Course

Hey everyone, in this quick video I give you a breakdown on the Content Compounding Course. Access it via the link below.

Many people have asked me, "Craig, I know I can turn one video into multiple pieces of content with ClipScribe, but how?

So, I put together the Content Compounding Course.  You can look over my shoulder while I show you exactly how I personally would use ClipScribe to turn 1 video into multiple pieces of video, still and blog content.

Access Craig's Content Compounding Course

Content Compounding Planning Sheet

You will also get access to a spreadsheet that we use to turn one video into multiple pieces of content.  Access and copy this Google Sheet and modify it as you wish.

This spreadsheet works with a single content creator OR you can assign tasks to team members.  You can also use this sheet as a starting point to create your own task list on tools like Monday.com.

Access the Content Compounding Planning Sheet Here

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