Substyle Tutorials

Add Substyles to Individual or All Words


Substyles are subtitle designs you can add to individual words or all the words in your video.

Substyles give you word by word control over how your subtitles look and feel.

You can manage your Substyles using the Substyle manager.  Access the Substyle manager using this icon:

Access Substyle Manager

You can also access the Substyle manager from the Substyle picker:

Substyle Manager Picker Button
Click the ADD NEW option in the Substyle picker to open the Substyle Manager


Each video and template has a number of substyle slots you can utilize.

You will see these both at the top of the Substyle manager and in the Substyle picker.

Drag Substyles into slots to use them.
You will find the Substyle slots at the top of the Substyle manager. To use a style, just drag them into a slot.


If you want to add a Substyle to all words in your video, you can do that in the subtitle design editor.

Add Global Substyle
Choose a Substyle from the Subtitle design editor to apply it globally to all words in your video.


You can add Substyles to words, by selecting the word(s) and clicking the STYLE pop-up button.

Click the STYLE button in the word pop-up
Click on a word or words and click the STYLE button in the pop-up to choose a Substyle

Then, click the Substyle you want to add.

Click the style you want to add.
Choose a style to add it to the selected word(s)

Note, you are adding identifying the word you are clicking on with a SLOT, not a style which makes it easy to go back and change styles later on.

Adding Line Breaks to Your Subtitles


You might want to control where a line break appears to control how your subtitles display.

There are two ways to insert a line-break.


  1.  Click the word you would like to insert a line break after.
  2. Either click the line-break icon or use the shortcut SHIFT-ENTER.

Add Line Breaks

After you click the line break button or press SHIFT-ENTER, a line break will be added.

Your line break has been added

You can delete the line break by clicking on it and clicking the pop-up trash icon.


Click the space between words to add line break

When you click on a blank space between words, a pop-up appears that will allow you to add a line break or emoji in that space.  Click the line break icon to add a line break.

Deleting Words from Your Video

If you need to completely remove a word you can delete it.

However, if you just want to edit the word or replace it, it is much better to change the word than try to completely delete it and add a new word from scratch.

This is so you preserve the original word timing.

But if you absolutely don’t want a word or need to remove a mistaken word just click the word and click the trash can icon.  You can also use the DELETE key if you have one.  (Note, the Backspace key will NOT delete the word).

Delete Words from Editor

Once you delete the word, the word and timing will be removed from the editor.

Move Words Between Subtitle Blocks (Word by Word Editor)


This tutorial applies to the word by word (Substyle) editor only.

When using the word by word editor, it is important to ensure that word timings are preserved.  If you have a word that needs to be moved to another block or repositioned, you can push or pull words between blocks.

Pushing or pulling words between blocks will automatically merge the words with the words in the adjacent block unless the block is empty and then they will take up the space in the empty block.  Timings will automatically adjust.


  1.  Only words at the end of the phrase can be pushed down to the next block.
  2. If it is a single word, click it to select it or shift-click or drag-select multiple words.

Select Words at End of Block

3.  Either click the PUSH icon or click the TAB key shortcut to push the words down to the next block.

Push Word to Next Block

The words will be pushed down and merged with the next block.

Words will be pushed


If you would like to pull your words up to the previous block, click the word you want to pull OR shift-click or drag select the words you want to pull up.

Select words at start of block to pull

Click the PULL icon OR use the BACKSPACE shortcut to pull the words or phrases up to the previous subtitle block.

Pull words to previous block

Now, the words will be merged with the previous subtitle block and times will be automatically adjusted.

The word(s) has been pulled.



If you are not wanting to merge words with an existing block, you can add a new blank block in between any current subtitle blocks.

Check out the “Add blank subtitle blocks (Word by Word Editor)” tutorial to see how to do this.

Adding Inline Emojis to Your Subtitles

In the new ClipScribe word by word (Substyle) editor you can add emojis inline (alongside your subtitles.)

(*If you are wanting to add an emoji as an element like an image or logo, check out the tutorial on adding static or timed emojis.)

There are two ways you can do this:

  1.  Click the emoji icon in the upper right area of the subtitle block.  This will add the emoji to the end of the phrase and you can then drag it in between the words you want to.

Click the emoji icon to add an inline emoji.

2.  Click into the space between any words to insert an emoji into that space.

Click in between two words to add an emoji.


Once you have clicked on the emoji you want to add, you can drag it between the words you want it to be placed in between.

The emoji will take on the timing of the word previous to it.

Drag the emoji to your desired locaiton

How to Merge Words in Your Subtitles (Word by Word Editor)

There are a couple of reasons you might need to merge words together.

1.  The words needing to be merged are meant to be a single word. i.e. Clipscribe as in the example in the video.

In this case, you want to use the button in the word pop-up options which will merge the two words into one removing the space in between them.

2.  Or, you might want the words to be styled as if they were a single word, so in this case, you would use the button which will merge the two words and keep the space, but the two words will be treated as a single word for Substyling purposes.

When using the word-by-word display, and you merge two words together, they will have the same timestamp and show at the same time.

In either case, you can either Shift-Click the two words to select them first or drag-select them. Then click on of the merge icons to merge them.

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