Choosing Layouts and Templates


0:13 –  Editing your video

0:57 – Choosing your layout


Hey, everybody, it’s Craig with Clipscribe. And in this tutorial video, I’m gonna show you how to start out by choosing a layout or template.


After you’ve uploaded your video, you’re ready to start designing it. Now you can design any number of videos based on your original upload and based on the social network that you want to create a video for and so you have an unlimited number of options there, so we’re gonna show you how to do that right now.

So once you’ve uploaded your video, you’re gonna have a little plus sign here. And you’re gonna click that, and it gives you two options here. If you’ve already started editing your video, you’ve already had a work in progress. You can click continue editing to continue that.

In this case, we’re going to click start a new video and so what you’re going to see is up here in the top, you’re gonna see a number of different layouts that you can choose from and down below. You’re gonna see templates that you can choose from now this is going to show you, your templates if you have created any, and if you haven’t created any, it’s going to show you, a variety of standard templates that we offer and on this first screen, it’s going to show you just a whole bunch of different sized templates here. However, if you want to view templates for a specific layout, you need to click the layout first.

So let’s say we want to see all the templates for this square layout here, we’re gonna click that, and now we’re gonna see all the square layout templates available. So once you choose the layout design that you want and underneath, you can see it’s got the icons telling you which social network, this specific layout is ideal for then you’re either gonna choose a design template or you’re going to click start a new design. Okay, if you choose a design template, it’s gonna load up everything in that template. And if you choose, start a new design, then it’s gonna load up, just the basic, kind of from-scratch options and colors and not add any text or any logos or anything like that, and it will just start blank for you there.

So this is how you get started and go either way here. I suggest probably starting with the template. This will help you get aware of how everything is setup and how headlines and subtitles are setup. But you could go either way.

Hopefully, this tutorial is helpful for you if have questions, you post them in the help desk. And other than that, look forward to seeing you on another video.

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