How to Add Timed Elements to Clipscribe Beta



How to Add Timed Elements to Clipscribe Beta

Hey everybody it’s Craig with Clipscribe in this quick beta tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add timed elements to your video. This has changed a little bit from the way we used to do it before. So, I want to show you how to do this very quickly. And so let’s jump right into that here!

So when you are obviously up here, you can add static elements, headlines images, emojis and these are going to stay on the screen the entire time while your video plays, but you can add timed elements if you’re not aware of that.

And so to add timed elements, you go in here into your subtitle editor, and previously you would click this little menu icon, you still do have a couple of options here, although I think they’re going to move out of there to hide the text or hide the subtitle box. Now you’re just going to click this plus icon.

If you mouse over them, you’ll see that it appears a little image and a little headline icon, just click on it and you can add timed emojis, you can add timed images or timed headlines there. So, just to show you an example of that, I’m going to let that pop up here and click one of these emojis and it will add and you’ll have this little area here where if you click on it, you’ll be able to see it, this is time.

So, it’s not going to show up the entire video, but you can adjust how long. If you want to show up the entire video, then you can drag the slider and actually now you can click on this little magnifying glass to give you a little bit more control over how long you want that item to show. You can even click in here to have like an exact time if you want to manually edit that, and then you can just click away and that will be updated there so you can do that with emojis, images branding, etcetera, and headlines and they will play, at those times that you’ve set as your video progresses.

How To Add Transitions

So another thing that you can do with this now is add transitions. I’ll show you that real quick right here is a transition icon click on that and it’ll pop up a transition window where you can choose them to slide in and you can choose them to slide out as well and you can do fades and everything else you hit apply so once you add that transition, then you go back and you can click play, I just have it start at the very beginning of the video and you’ll see it slides in and as soon as it hit six seconds here, it’s going to slide out like that.

So that is how you can add transitions to any of these timed elements, headlines, emojis or images. And we’d love your feedback on that. Anything that we can do to make that whole thing easier for you. Hopefully this help you out, we’re still in beta, things are going to change, but so far this should get you going playing with the system and hopefully being able to report some bugs, etcetera.

So let me know what you find. Thanks everybody for watching this video and I’ll see you on the next one.

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