How to Add Transitions Using Clipscribe




Hey everybody it’s Craig with Clipscribe and in this quick beta system tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use transitions! Again, we’re still in beta but I wanted to make these little tutorial videos just to give you an idea of how to do some of the most important things. And if you have problems with them, please give us a bug report post it here, comment, send me an email, go to the helpdesk, go on Facebook, or whatever you’re going to do let us know you’re having trouble but let’s just jump into it here.

I just want to show you this little icon here, it looks like it’s transitioning icon and you can find this on timed elements. This emoji is a timed element. I added it here by clicking this button and clicking this emoji icon. It then plays and you see I added a transition to it, it flies in and then when it’s done around six seconds here, you’re going to see it fly out there.

So that is the transition icon. You can add transition icons to subtitle blocks. So if I want this whole block now, these are not always perceptible unless that block has a color behind it. So I’m just going to add a color behind this block, just so you can tell what’s happening here and I’m going to add a slide in and click apply and close that and you see that just slide in.

Okay so like I said, if you don’t have a color behind it, you may not notice it because it might just look like the word itself is sliding in which leads me back to you can add transitions to your substyles. So if I click on style here and I click on add, and then create new.

This will let me go right here because this is where it takes you to the same place. So when you go in, you edit these and you click and you edit a style, you’ll see an edit transition icon there as well. And so you can edit the transitions just like you did with the blocks, just like you did with the timed elements, you can add an edit transition to every substyle.

So all the words that you want to have a unique look or you want them to slide in or up or whatever, you can do that as well. So, I  wanted to introduce you to that little icon and show you how you can use it. We have plans for other types of transitions and such coming in the future, but at least you can  get you started with that.

So let me know what questions you have, bug reports, problems, issues. Comment here, or go to the helpdesk, email me, or go to Facebook. Definitely give the beta system a go for your non-mission critical stuff and if you have issues, please let us know so we can address those.

Thanks for watching everybody. And I’ll see you in another video.

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