How to Import and Export SRT Files

Hey! Everyone, it’s Craig with Clipscribe in this video, I’m gonna show you how to both download an SRT file for your subtitles and also upload an SRT file. Now, what is an SRT file? An SRT file is a subtitle file.


Okay, it’s a special file that is specifically made for subtitles. It has timing, data, and text data for your subtitles so you can get these SRT files. You can export them from social platforms like Facebook or Youtube or us, and then you can import them some people like to use services that do transcription with humans where people transcribe.

Maybe they have a strong accent. And automatic transcription doesn’t work for some reason or they do comedy. And there are someplace where the crowd is really loud. So it’s hard for automatic transcription to work so you can use those services where a person literally goes through and listens and transcribes it. And then you can download that SRT file and you can upload it to Clipscribe.


So I’m gonna show you how you can do that. And I’m gonna show you that by first downloading the SRT file and then uploading it back. So if you come over here, if you’re on the video editor, you come over here to the export button and I’m gonna come over here to export SRT and click it. Okay? It’s gonna ask me where to save it. I’m going to save it, okay. And then when you want to upload it, come over here to your subtitles. Your subtitle and click options and click upload SRT file. It’s going to replace all of your subtitles you put yes. And then it’s gonna ask you, you know where the file is. So here is my file. I’m gonna upload that, going to import it, and it’s going to do kind of a reboot going to save everything automatically for you here. And there you go.

And so when I look back, I can see I mean, in this case, exactly the same subtitles because it was the exact same subtitles that I exported. So that is how you do it. That’s how you can either import or export your SRT file. You can download your SRT file from us and you can upload it elsewhere.

As well, maybe to Youtube if you want, you don’t want to be burned in subtitles but you want them to show up with your youtube video you could ways that you can use that file or import it into a video editor like adobe premiere or final.

So, hopefully, that helps you out. If you have any questions, let me know, another than that I look forward to seeing you on another video.

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  1. I was on the main tutorial page and clicked on the link that said How to Edit the Text of Your Subtitles, but it brought me to this video about How to Import and Export SRT Files. Is the tutorial about editing text in subtitles still available?

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